EM-401 Multimode Filter / Resonator

EM-401 Multimode Filter / Resonator


The EM-401 consists of a two-channel audio mixer followed by three parallel resonant filters with voltage controlled frequency. The filter offers three exceptional modes: 24dB/octave Low Pass, 24dB/octave High Pass, and 12dB/octave Band Pass—wherein the cutoff frequencies of the High Pass and Low Pass outputs constitute the center frequency of the Band Pass.

All three filter modes are simultaneously accessible through their corresponding output sockets.

The front panel consists of an engraved anonized alumimum plate and custom aluminum knobs.

The module’s sleek design allows for it to fit into a wide array of Eurorack cases.

Designed and assembled in the USA.

Dimensions: 128.5 mm height, 101.0 mm width, 50.8 mm depth

Power: 70 mA +/-12V

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